Travel Approval Workflow

An approval request management system from anywhere at anytime on any device.


RealApproval provides a clean and simple workflow to manage travel requests through to authorisation, quoting and booking.


We completely understand the challenges a TMC faces and our smart, easy-to-use technology makes the process simpler, easier and hassle-free.

The system allows Corporates to submit their travel requests to their Agent. The Agent receives an email to tell them a new request has been sent. The Agent then works on the request and uploads their quote to the system. This can be from Travelsoft or any other document type to fit in the Agents current Workflow.

The Quote is then sent off to the designated person at the Corporate who approves the travel request, which they also can reject and type in notes to explain their decision.

Once the Quote has been approved, the Agent is notified and then books the Travel. The Agent then has the option of Uploading the Ticket and Vouchers to the system and the person who made the request can Download and print these.
Changes to the booking can also follow the same process with the new documents uploaded to the system.

All of the users of the system have their own unique Login and Password, and this allows the system to track each and every interaction with the system.

Reports can be generated which show the transactions that have been booked through the system.

Real Approval is hosted on the Internet and no additional hardware or software is needed.

Real Approval, a system designed and built for Corporates who are not ready or do not wish to use a Self Booking Tool, but still require a Trackable Approval system.


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